469; Chelsea Square; Private: Chelsea Square
484; The Gables at Monroe; Private: The Gables at Monroe
649; Ponds at Bayberry; Private: Ponds at Bayberry
711; Whispering Grove; Private: Whispering Grove
718; Gateway at Royce Brook; Private: Gateway at Royce Brook
783; Reserve at Canal Walk; Private: Reserve at Canal Walk
1228; The Village of Bayberry; Private: The Village of Bayberry
1382; Meridian Crossing - Townhomes; Private: Meridian Crossing – Townhomes
1665; Fairways at Craig Ranch; Private: Fairways at Craig Ranch
2171; Bozman Farms; Private: Bozman Farms
3215; Black Creek Cove; Private: Black Creek Cove
3225; Coventry; Private: Coventry
3613; Hawthorne; Private: Hawthorne
3636; Heron Ponds; Private: Heron Ponds
3659; Marina at Pepper's Creek; Private: Marina at Pepper’s Creek
3682; Sandstone; Private: Sandstone
3720; Springtown Farms; Private: Springtown Farms
3735; The Woods at Stonewater; Private: The Woods at Stonewater
3837; The Village of Cinderberry; Private: The Village of Cinderberry
3861; Villas at Fairway; Private: Villas at Fairway
4446; Hayverhill at Evesham; Private: Hayverhill at Evesham
4474; Woodlands at Bethany; Private: Woodlands at Bethany
8061; Cedar Grove; Private: Cedar Grove
8173; Summercrest; Private: Summercrest
9078; The Courts at Weatherby; Private: The Courts at Weatherby
9108; The Reserve at Weatherby; Private: The Reserve at Weatherby
9192; Polaris Custom Homes; Private: Polaris Custom Homes
9239; Rothwell Estates; Private: Rothwell Estates
9410; Walters Homes - Custom Builder; Private: Walters Homes – Custom Builder
9917; Westhampton; Private: Westhampton
10239; Ponds of Odessa; Private: Ponds of Odessa
10293; Whispering Hills; Private: Whispering Hills
10576; Meridian Crossing - Single Family Homes; Private: Meridian Crossing – Single Family Homes
10577; Meridian Crossing - Twin Homes; Private: Meridian Crossing – Twin Homes
11101; Massey; Massey
11206; Regency at Palisades; Private: Regency at Palisades
11221; Toll Brothers at Falls at Weddington; Private: Toll Brothers at Falls at Weddington
11233; Toll Brothers at Bent Creek; Private: Toll Brothers at Bent Creek
11236; Atherton; Private: Atherton
11427; Preserve at Marvin; Private: Preserve at Marvin
11663; The Preserve at Weatherby; Private: The Preserve at Weatherby
11673; Schaeffer Family Homes; Private: Schaeffer Family Homes
12033; The Villas at Cornerstone; Private: The Villas at Cornerstone
12051; Ashlyn Creek; Private: Ashlyn Creek
12100; Woodbridge; Private: Woodbridge
12117; Oldenburg; Private: Oldenburg
12250; Towns at Tindall Park; Private: Towns at Tindall Park
12366; Killians Pointe Traditions; Private: Killians Pointe Traditions
12495; Design+Build NC; Private: Design+Build NC
12511; Riverchase Estates; Private: Riverchase Estates
12855; Shea Custom; Private: Shea Custom
12989; Killians Pointe Vintage; Private: Killians Pointe Vintage
13178; Deerfield; Private: Deerfield
13221; Beverly; Private: Beverly
13286; Trinity Ridge; Private: Trinity Ridge
13372; Peach Orchard Estates; Private: Peach Orchard Estates
13507; Spring Oak; Private: Spring Oak
13618; Winding Brook; Private: Winding Brook
13881; Yardley Walk; Private: Yardley Walk
13887; Southall by Lennar; Private: Southall by Lennar
13916; Byers Station; Private: Byers Station
13934; Pine Glen; Private: Pine Glen
13978; Hidden Meadows; Private: Hidden Meadows
14021; Venue at Lighthouse Station; Private: Venue at Lighthouse Station
14081; Lennar at Lake Ridge; Private: Lennar at Lake Ridge
14135; Monroe Parke; Private: Monroe Parke
14147; Venue at Princeton Park; Private: Venue at Princeton Park
14206; The Hills by Lennar; Private: The Hills by Lennar
14224; Venue at Cobblestone Creek; Private: Venue at Cobblestone Creek
14232; Stone Hill Meadows; Private: Stone Hill Meadows
14275; Edgewater; Private: Edgewater
15351; The Traditions at Covington; Private: The Traditions at Covington
15402; The Villas at Covington; Private: The Villas at Covington
15997; Schoolhouse Village; Private: Schoolhouse Village
16061; Cresswind Charlotte; Private: Cresswind Charlotte
16250; The Conservancy at McLean; Private: The Conservancy at McLean
16334; Timberwood; Private: Timberwood
16491; The Villages at Cramerton Mills; Private: The Villages at Cramerton Mills
16553; Aberfoyle Village; Private: Aberfoyle Village
16686; Hollybrook; Private: Hollybrook
16738; Conservancy at Waxhaw Creek; Private: Conservancy at Waxhaw Creek
16743; Huntley Glen; Private: Huntley Glen
17212; Noble’s Pond; Private: Noble’s Pond
17359; McLean; Private: McLean
17505; Summerwood; Private: Summerwood
17958; Lantana; Private: Lantana
18117; Hawk Haven; Private: Hawk Haven
18121; Water's Edge; Private: Water’s Edge
18338; River's Edge; Private: River’s Edge
18374; RGB Custom Builders; Private: RGB Custom Builders
18487; Eagle View at Stonebridge; Private: Eagle View at Stonebridge
18495; Prestwick; Private: Prestwick
18509; Addison Park by Niblock Homes; Private: Addison Park by Niblock Homes
18526; Sagewood; Private: Sagewood
18672; Towns on Central; Private: Towns on Central
18713; 36th & Holt; Private: 36th & Holt
18833; Eden Hall; Private: Eden Hall
19253; Classic Quality Homes; Private: Classic Quality Homes
19330; The Village of Cool Branch; Private: The Village of Cool Branch
19706; Millbank; Private: Millbank
19739; The Courtyards on Lawyers Road; Private: The Courtyards on Lawyers Road
19746; The Courtyards on Poplar Tent; Private: The Courtyards on Poplar Tent
19751; The Courtyards at Wesley Chapel; Private: The Courtyards at Wesley Chapel
19883; Grantham; Private: Grantham
19940; Summerwood-Stanley Martin Homes; Private: Summerwood-Stanley Martin Homes
20048; Shinnville Ridge; Private: Shinnville Ridge
20111; Springview at Bailes Ridge; Private: Springview at Bailes Ridge
20162; Heritage; Private: Heritage
20197; Bretagne; Private: Bretagne
20209; Walden; Private: Walden
20374; The Village at the Mountain; Private: The Village at the Mountain
20382; The Village at Parkside; Private: The Village at Parkside
20578; The Manors at Lake Ridge; Private: The Manors at Lake Ridge
20585; Traditions at Greenbrier; Private: Traditions at Greenbrier
20592; Brentwood; Private: Brentwood
20651; Falls at Weddington; Private: Falls at Weddington
20806; Autumn Brook;
20813; Maycroft; Private: Maycroft
21298; Nobility Crest; Private: Nobility Crest
21505; Synergy at Midwood; Private: Synergy at Midwood
21520; Robinson Ridge; Private: Robinson Ridge
21525; Beatty Woods; Private: Beatty Woods
21530; Kensley; Private: Kensley
21533; Kinsley; Private: Kinsley
21540; Stratford; Private: Stratford
21647; Bent Creek - Jones Homes; Private: Bent Creek – Jones Homes
21818; Locust Town Center; Private: Locust Town Center
21934; Walden Austin Village; Private: Walden Austin Village
21971; Sterling Crossing; Private: Sterling Crossing
21990; Creeks Landing; Private: Creeks Landing
22502; Village at Parkside; Village at Parkside
22507; Villages at Redbridge; Villages at Redbridge
22508; Sanders Ridge; Private: Sanders Ridge
22512; College Place; Private: College Place
22516; Waterford Glen; Private: Waterford Glen
22854; Norwick Park; Private: Norwick Park
22923; The Courtyards at Eastfield Farm; Private: The Courtyards at Eastfield Farm
22943; Camburn; Private: Camburn
22949; Pinnacle at Wesley Chapel; Private: Pinnacle at Wesley Chapel
22953; North Reach-Reserve and Pinnacle; Private: North Reach-Reserve and Pinnacle
22955; Walden; Private: Walden
22959; Wendwood Terrace; Private: Wendwood Terrace
22963; Ruby Ridge; Private: Ruby Ridge
23280; Bedford Farms; Private: Bedford Farms
23291; The Villages at South Main; Private: The Villages at South Main
23296; Galleries NoDa; Private: Galleries NoDa
23301; Tynecastle SouthPark; Private: Tynecastle SouthPark
23345; The Courtyards on Chestnut Lane; Private: The Courtyards on Chestnut Lane
23350; Stoney Run; Private: Stoney Run
23354; Creek Park; Private: Creek Park
23358; Hunton Forest; Private: Hunton Forest
23478; Townes at Sherrills Ford; Private: Townes at Sherrills Ford
23483; Vail Duets; Private: Vail Duets
23488; Lucent at Cotswold; Private: Lucent at Cotswold
23496; The Townes at University East; Private: The Townes at University East
23506; McDowell Crossing; Private: McDowell Crossing
23512; Handsmill on Lake Wylie; Private: Handsmill on Lake Wylie
23520; Brookside; Private: Brookside
23522; Kresson Estates; Private: Kresson Estates
23531; Belle Grove; Private: Belle Grove
23592; Roseglen; Private: Roseglen
23596; The Pines; Private: The Pines
23606; Esplanade at Northgate; Private: Esplanade at Northgate
23611; Colgate Commons; Private: Colgate Commons
23616; Hollins Grove; Private: Hollins Grove
23626; Beverly Heights; Private: Beverly Heights
23633; Hidden Creek; Private: Hidden Creek
23826; The Courtyards on Robinson Church; Private: The Courtyards on Robinson Church
23828; The Courtyards at Mint Hill; Private: The Courtyards at Mint Hill
23880; Union Square; Private: Union Square
23895; Ardley; Ardley
23900; The Bluffs; Private: The Bluffs
23914; Elm at Stonecrest; Private: Elm at Stonecrest
23918; Landings at NoDa; Private: Landings at NoDa
23923; West End Towns; Private: West End Towns
24376; Olde Homestead; Private: Olde Homestead
24396; West Trade Townhomes; Private: West Trade Townhomes
24403; Simfield Valley; Private: Simfield Valley
24511; Cumberland; Cumberland
24523; Park West; Private: Parkwest
24537; Park View Estates; Private: Park View Estates
24543; Reid’s Cove; Private: Reid’s Cove
24547; Stafford at Langtree; Private: Stafford at Langtree
24559; Irish Creek; Irish Creek
24564; Parkside Townhomes; Private: Parkside Townhomes
24569; The Towns at Greenway; Private: The Towns at Greenway
24588; Red Hill; Red Hill
24589; Fox Hollow; Private: Fox Hollow (Coming Soon)
24605; Layton Forest; Private: Layton Forest
24622; Kennington; Kennington
24633; Estates at Marvin Branch; Estates at Marvin Branch
24640; Creswind Wesley Chapel; Creswind Wesley Chapel
24650; Camber Woods; Camber Woods
24660; Northlake; Northlake
24682; Country Club Village; Private: Country Club Village
24687; Copper Mill; Copper Mill
24693; Copper Ridge; Copper Ridge